The Asian market is the largest consumer
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The latest report Global Video Gamer Segmentation was released this Friday by the market research company of the DFC Intelligence game industry and, by the middle of this year, the number of players has exceeded three billion worldwide.

As expected, the mobile gaming market is by far the fastest growing, with almost half of the three billion players mentioned using only smartphones to play. The report also includes a breakdown by region, showing how large the mobile gaming market in Asia is.

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Even so, China is also the largest country when it comes to PC games, with 300 million users, followed by India's nearly 150 million.

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When it comes to consoles, only about 3% of the world's population and 8% of the gaming community are console consumers. However, this group of consumers has the highest spend per user.

Some other interesting data:
  1. Asia is the leading region for consumers who spend on games, with 1.42 billion;
  2. Europe has 668 million consumers who spend on games;
  3. Latin America has 383 million consumers who spend on games;
  4. North America has 261 million consumers who spend on games;
  5. There are about 1.5 billion consumers of PC games. This number includes players who also use consoles and mobile devices.
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