Sam Fisher is the new Rainbow Six Siege operator

It's everywhere but in a new Splinter Cell
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Ubisoft has announced that Sam Fisher is back in a new game, but as usual, he will be present in a game as a special guest and not as the protagonist of a new Splinter Cell.

As revealed in the Operation Shadow Legacy teaser, which will be fully revealed on August 16, Ubisoft shows that Fisher is ready to join Rainbow Six Siege as an operator.

Sam Fisher will be codenamed "Zero" in Siege and is described as one of the most impressive soldiers ever seen in the game, whose secret missions involved saving the world or clearing up the confusion left by those trying to save him. Despite years off the job, Fisher is described as a fit soldier with his own motivations.

Zero is the first member of the Rainbow Operational Staff and his arrival at Rainbow Six Siege is shrouded in mystery, which will be unveiled over the next few weeks and more specifically in Operation Shadow Legacy.


Ubisoft suggests that Fisher, or better saying, Zero, will not parachute on Rainbow Six Siege and will not be presented as a character who has stood still in time and only used as a special guest. Its description suggests that you will have here a continuation of its official narrative and may even serve to update it.

Source: Eurogamer
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