New PS5 patent suggests that cooling solution uses liquid metal

The patent also suggests that the PS5 will reduce fan noise that many players have problems with the PS4.
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With the time for the launch of the PS5 approaching, fans are trying to learn more about the next generation console. Although Sony has published a few different patents that can be used in the new gaming system, it seems that more are coming up. The latest patent appears to enhance the qualities of the game console's cooling system.

While Sony has previously patented ideas for the PS5, such as using multiple GPUs for superior performance output or creating a player identification system for recorded video content, this new patent appears to be the answer to an issue with which fans have had problems for some time. The PS4 has shown many problems with system cooling, and this new patent seems to be the answer.

The newest PS5 patent shows that the new consoles will not rely on fans for their cooling system, which tends to get noisy when the system has been in use for a while and interrupts an immersive gaming experience. With this patent, it looks like the liquid metal will be used to cool the next generation console.

The liquefied metal will replace the thermal paste that is placed between the semiconductor chip and the system's radiator. According to the patent, the metal will decrease the thermal resistance between these two parts of the console, which will improve the cooling performance of the semiconductor chip.


The liquefied metal will be kept sealed on the console with "ultraviolet cured resin" so that it does not leak to other parts of the console while heated. While some people are nervous about the console containing liquefied metal, especially with an electronic device that needs to be built and shipped, the metal is only liquefied when the device is turned on.

The operation of the PS5 console is what heats and therefore liquefies the metal, taking advantage of the heat from the semiconductor. While fans are still available to help control airflow within the next generation console, the liquid metal will absorb heat and significantly reduce the heat from the console and the noise required for the cooling system to function.

Recently a video was posted regarding the Linus Tech Tips channel (shared on twitter by The Red Dragon account) testing the liquid metal on a GTX 1080 GPU, and how it can contribute to the cooling system.

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