Watch the unprecedented scene of the sixth and final season of Vikings

Preview was shown during the production panel at Comic-Con at Home
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Vikings had their own panel during Comic-Con at Home, the online version of San Diego Comic-Con 2020, and an exclusive scene from the second part of the final season of the series was revealed.

The video shows that the Russians are in Norway after the terrible battle that takes place at the end of the first part of the sixth year of production. The preview also features Bjorn Lothbrok, played by Alexander Ludwig, alone and injured on his horse.


Vikings debuted in 2013 and follows the disputes and historical advances of the Nordic warriors, from the explorations led by Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), to the conflicts waged by his descendants many years after his death.

The last year of the series was divided into two. The first part debuted in 2019 and the new episodes will premiere this year.

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