Halo Infinite is recreated in PlayStation 4's Dreams

Result was impressive
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Developed by Media Molecule, "Dreams" has become one of the most interesting tools on the PlayStation 4, and has now been used to recreate "Halo Infinite", a game that is in development for Xbox Series X and PC.

The video, published by content creator Disarmed, took just four days to complete, making its result even more impressive.

Check it out below:


SIE boss Shuhei Yoshida has already stated that Dreams is one of his favorite games, and the idea is that the franchise will be explored for several years.

Media Molecule's latest experience, from the award-winning creators of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, Dreams presents a constantly expanding universe - exclusively for the PS4 - where you can explore, meet and play with the unlimited imagination of players from around the world.

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