The Sekai Project announced that it will release Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus on November 18th for PC via Steam and Denpasoft. Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus is a fandisc with stories about the characters from Animal Trail Girllish Square.

The stories focus on Haneru and Tetora. These extra routes allow players to get closer to the girls and see how their relationship evolves after the credits.


In the story Animal Trail Girlish Square is not just a group of indie idols in Akihabara trying to make a name for themselves. Nakamori Taiga, a mere idol fan, discovers this and more when he sees that the magical girl outfits they wear on stage are not for show. These idols were real magical girls!

To Taiga's surprise, he discovers that the magical beings who grant the girls their magical costumes come from another world and are on Earth to gather happiness energy to save their world from destruction and see idols as the best way to accumulate it. One thing leads to another and Taiga is tapped to become the new manager of Animal Trail * Girlish Square!


LOVE+PLUS Haneru Route

Looking for another way to promote the group, Haneru turned to streaming old games and somehow this actually proved to be a success. Of course, she's doing it for the views (and the fans), but one thing leads to another during a "study" session on old games that Taiga lends to Haneru.

Rota LOVE+PLUS Tetora

The seed of understanding her role as an idol begins to sprout within Tetora. She is both excited and nervous at the prospect of practicing “stage talk” with Taiga. Caught off guard by the request, Taiga does what he can to help her. That rested face of Tetora says otherwise. What will our hero do to make her talk and smile softly to everyone…?

Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus is developed by Whirlpool, a Japanese game developer known for its many bishoujo game titles, such as the NEKO visual novel series -NIN exHeart and Slobbish Dragon Princess.

It's worth remembering that both games feature adult content, but the Steam version will certainly be for all ages, and the uncut version should be released on Denpasoft.

Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus will be released on November 18th for PC via Steam and Denpasoft.


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