Shift Up announced through live streaming held yesterday NIKKE Special Summer Livestream Repost Event that Goddess of Victory: NIKKE will host an event in collaboration with the game Dave The Diver that will start after the update scheduled for July 4th.



During the event, the game will feature a collaborative minigame with "DAVE THE DIVER" where Nikkis and her friends were teleported to the beach after feeling the D-WAVE signal. In Joe's Sushi Restaurant, players can choose one of three Nikkis: Helen, Master and Anke to play, dive into the sea to collect ingredients, manage the sushi restaurant and find a way to return to their original world.

The new characters arriving with the update are: Rosanna: Chic Ocean and Sakura: Bloom in Summer.



The new skins that can be purchased through Pass in Game, the special gacha.





The Anchor The Diver skin can be obtained through the Aegis The Diver mini game.


Furthermore, during the event you will be able to earn various valuable rewards such as recruitment coupons and growth materials, and even use the special code that will give you special items.



Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is an action gacha game set in a world where the earth has been destroyed by unidentified weapons. Players team up with their fellow "NIKKE" to fight for humanity. The game makes use of advanced Live2D and 2.5D technologies to make the characters and battle animations more lively and attractive.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is now available for mobile devices and PC.

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