Shiravune has just released Real Anime Situation! 2 (Real Hentai Situation! 2) the game developed by Jitaku Studio, through Steam, Johren, Jast and Denpasoft


In Real Anime Situation! 2, follow the story of Tooru, a student with a wild imagination, who keeps a secret diary listing all of his fantasies. Content to keep his world to himself, his beautiful classmate Chikage accidentally finds his notes... normally this would be the cause of immense embarrassment, however, Chikage is also an artist in a creative crisis and sets out to bring her fantasies to life. As they explore this unique creative collaboration, Chikage falls in love with Tooru, leading to a confession. Tooru's friend Nao also confesses, so his childhood friend Rino adds to the chaos... Tooru finds himself in a harem-like situation straight out of an anime plot - some might even think it's a Real Situation of Anime!


Real Anime Situation! 2 is the winner of the Moe Game Awards 2020 and received an anime adaptation. The game also features excellent art, complex animations, and customizable user interface settings that make the game easily enjoyable for the reader!

The version of Real Anime Situation! 2 that will arrive on Steam is censored, so much so that the version released on other platforms will have another title if calling Real Hentai Situation! 2, released uncensored and with scenes unsuitable for minors.

Real Anime Situation! 2 (Real Hentai Situation! 2) is now available for PC.


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