Manga "The Parasite Doctor Suzune" comes to an end

The ecchi-filled action manga was released in 2004 taking a 2-year hiatus.
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The December issue of Monthly Kissca released last Monday, published the final chapter of the manga Kisei Jūi Suzune (The Parasite Doctor Suzune). Magaka's work Haruki won the 14th and final volume compiled in the spring of 2022. The manga was released by author Haruki in 2004, and in 2014 put him on hiatus returning only in 2016.

Kisei Jūi Suzune (The Parasite Doctor Suzune) tells the story of Kisei Jūi Suzune, a doctor who struggles to destroy the parasites that increase her host's power and sexual desire. As she tries to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of her father, a genius scholar, who disappeared when Suzune was a child.

The work has already inspired a live-action film adaptation that premiered in 2011 in Japan. Haruki is also the author of Cat in a Hot Girls' Dorm (Joshi-Ryō Neko no Tama) -san) and Ero Ninja Scrolls (Arakusa Ninpo-cho) which are still being published.

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