Visual Novel "Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress" comes to Steam

Help a small dubbing agency while taking care of a dorm full of beautiful women
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Coming to Steam Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress, a new visual novel developed by MintCUBE and distinguished by Shiravune, the player in a love comedy set in the dubbing industry, from the perspective of voice actresses, managers and sound engineers... and it's, like, 78% accurate! Play and you'll find out what this special company is all about!


The game is set in a medium-sized dubbing agency, with serious understaffing issues. To help, Keito Nagakura, a friend of the manager's family, is invited to work during a period, collecting scripts from various studios and bringing them back to the office. But when his mother is hospitalized for herniated disc (again) and has to take time off to undergo surgery, Keito and his younger sister, Konatsu, must assume their responsibilities. Your role? Caretaker at Maikaze Dormitory, a prestigious women's dormitory for new actresses and models attending the Seikadai Academy. A boy in a dorm full of beautiful women? What could go wrong?

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress has more than 20 hours of history, with two routes to choose from and features full Japanese dubbing created by experienced professionals.

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress will be available on Steam on October 14th, but it's already released on Johren.


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