Horror Visual Novel "Sweet Sacrifices" to be released in the West

Monsters, tentacles, a sinister and bizarre story and cute girls...
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JAST USA has announced that it will release the horror visual novel Sweet Sacrifices, developed by Chaos-R, and arrives in its store on October 18th, enjoying the season of Halloween. This is the first game from Chaos-R that also developed Meteor Pendulum Heart, also published by JAST.

The game was released under the name of Jain no Ikenie ~Shokushu-hime Altea & Mashikyuu Tsukai Bianka Owari no Nai Jutai~ in Japan in 2018, and has some sequels, and tells two parallel stories that meet with throughout the game, but the focus on terror and tentacles is clear from the start.

The story begins with Princess Altea, a beautiful young woman who is offered as a sacrifice to a sorcerer in a nearby town so that the plagues that ravage her kingdom may cease. She is forced to marry this sorcerer but discovers her life is in danger and decides to flee her captivity. On the other side we meet Bianca, a young girl destined to give birth to the savior of the world, but who was kidnapped by demons, so that her future child is actually the son of the Demon King. Both will meet and try together to come up with a plan to escape.

Sweet Sacrifices will be available for PC at the JAST store.

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