Yoimiya - New Genshin Impact character gets tease

She is the new Pyro archer who is responsible for the fireworks for the various celebrations held in Inazuma
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miHoYo has just published a new tease trailer focused on Yoimiya, one of the new characters coming to Genshin Impact with the update 2.0. Yoimiya is one of the best known personalities of Inazuma and the little tease shows that and the population recognizes her feats to help everyone besides a little bit of her adorable personality.


Yoimiya uses Pyro abilities with a bow to unleash powerful long-range attacks against her enemies, she is the current owner of the Naganohara Fireworks known as the Queen of the Summer Festival, and is one of the best known names in Inazuma. With various celebrations being held every year in Inazuma, all with elaborate fireworks created by Yoimiya. She has an exuberant creativity and passion for fireworks that always leave people pleasantly surprised. She also has a childlike innocence and is often found playing with children or accompanying them to find trinkets and toys around town.

Genshin Impact is a free, open-world action RPG that takes players through the amazing landscapes of Teyvat. The player takes on the role of a mysterious "Traveller" who embarks on a journey to find a loved one who is lost and unlock Teyvat's mysterious secrets along the way. Starting with Version 2.0, players will be able to explore Inazuma and two of the seven main cities, Mondstadt and Liyue Harbour, each with its own culture, history and vast landscapes full of different creatures, enemies, mysteries and hidden treasures. New cities, stories, characters and season events will be released as the game progresses.

Genshin Impact Update 2.0, titled The Immobile Goddess and the Eternal Utopia, will take the Traveler to a new area, across the sea, where the third largest of the seven city-states in the game, Inazuma. There the player will encounter completely different cultures, creatures and mysteries under the rule of Archon Electro. New bosses and precious rewards also await in the Inazuma region.

Players can download Genshin Impact for free on Android via Google Play, iOS via the Apple Store, PlayStation 4 via the PSN store, PlayStation 5 and also on PC downloaded via the official Genshin Impact website (https://genshin.mihoyo.com) and pela Epic Games Store.

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