When asked by investors, Nintendo comments on whether the Switch Pro exists or not

When asked by investors, Nintendo comments on whether the Switch Pro exists or not

Big N preferred to abstain from the subject, citing not wanting to disturb the sales of his next games when talking about Hardware
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With the official start of February, it is the turn of the financial reports of the giant Big N, with the presentation of the financial results achieved by Nintendo, with the confirmation of a company in great shape.

With the Nintendo Switch with almost 80 million units sold, Nintendo celebrates 2020 of great milestones, also thanks to the commercial performance on the software front.

The latest sales figures for Nintendo Switch exclusives are positive, with some really extraordinary results, such as the more than 30 million copies sold for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With the presentation of financial results, as usual, questions from investors also came to Nintendo's management.

Well, as is quite predictable, the so-called "Nintendo Switch Pro", supposedly updated and improved version of the current hybrid console, found space among the topics covered. Never officially announced, the latter remains the protagonist of rumors and rumors.

On the occasion of the usual question and answer session with Nintendo leaders, one of the investors asked if a "new model" of Nintendo Switch should be published in 2021. Here is Nintendo's answer:

"We don't plan to make an announcement about Hardware at the moment, as soon we will have Mario in February and Monster Hunter in March to be released."

To highlight the relevance of the answer and Takahashi Mochizuki, Journalist at Bloomberg who has always been connected to the Nintendo world. In fact, the latter recalls how the Japanese company responded last year that there were no plans for a new Nintendo Switch model in 2020.

The "soon" indication given by Big N may therefore be a clue that announcements for a Nintendo Switch Pro are really coming sometime in 2021. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do but wait.

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