Virtuos says that in 2021 we will have many sizes of famous games coming to the Switch

What more surprises can we have?
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Reconnecting to his recent statements about the Nintendo Switch port challenge, Virtuos CEO Christophe Gandon has confirmed that he is working on several cross-platform title transpositions that will arrive on the Switch in 2021 and beyond.

For NintendoLife microphones, the high representative of the Singapore software house specializing in the development of ports for Switch retraced the path traced by Virtuos in 2020 and opened a window to the future, underlining how:

"2021 started with the unstoppable rise of the Nintendo Switch and overcoming global 3DS sales. There are many reasons for this success, from fantastic original titles to smart design that bridges the gap between fixed and portable consoles."

"However, what contributes the most to the unshakable success of Switch is the constant attractiveness exercised in outsourced ports."

For Gandon, in fact, Virtuos' commitment to the Nintendo Switch ports stems from the simple observation that:

"Investing in the Switch ecosystem, now, allows you to not miss out on some of the biggest IPs in the world, like the BioShock and XCOM franchises."

"This is due to Nintendo's new approach to third parties and the desire to make Switch a home that embraces development in all its shapes and sizes."

"We were able to make good use of Nintendo's toolkits. To make games even more beautiful on their hardware and we are excited about the new projects that we have on the horizon for this summer and beyond."

The head of Virtuos does not miss even a possible veiled tip from the Nintendo Switch Pro suggesting that "there is still much more to come from the Switch family".

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