Valheim: Viking exploration and survival game arrives today on Steam

Valheim: Viking exploration and survival game arrives today on Steam

Explore unforgiving environments and fight against bloodthirsty enemies in the brutal multiplayer Viking adventure of Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio launched today!
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Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio announced that Valheim, their new cooperative game of exploration and survival in the open world, is now available in Early Access Steam translated to Brazilian Portuguese. Whether alone or with the help of a team with their most trusted allies, all Vikings in search of a challenge of true mythological proportions can enter primordial purgatory starting today, here.


Valheim is a huge, procedurally generated world, where warriors killed in battle are invited to explore seemingly peaceful landscapes and oceans, only to discover that they are invaded by the most powerful creatures born of Norse mythology. The cooperative gameplay of Valheim currently allows up to 10 players, but is best used with 3 to 5 players. An important focus of the early access period is to further establish the perfect number of Viking settlers.

The beta testing phase of Valheim took place in part during the ancient Nordic celebration of Dísablót, or "The Sacrifice for Disir". Then, ritualistic sacrifices and powerful banquets took place to honor female deities and spirits, such as the Valkyries, in the hope that this would guarantee an abundant harvest. In the same spirit of celebration, all Vikings who signed up to sacrifice their lives during the beta testing period, will soon be rewarded by Iron Gate Studio with exclusive items, including Odin's cape, hood and horn.


“During our time in beta, we have already started building an incredible community, with animated players to provide valuable feedback and showcase some of the most incredible things they have found and built while exploring the world of Valheim”, said Richard Svensson, CEO of Iron Gate Studio. “Now, the gates of Valheim are finally open and we are really happy to share it with the world and continue to develop Valheim as an experience that Odin would be proud of.”

Valheimis a unique experience. Building your home and settlement with friends is cozy and satisfying, and a complete contrast to the huge untamed world full of monsters that lurks outside", said Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing. “We are looking forward to hearing what players think of Valheim and we are excited about what is to come to the game in its early access phase.”

Valheim is now available via Early Access on Steam.

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