Square Enix releases a trailer for the film opening of NieR: Re[in]carnation

Square Enix releases a trailer for the film opening of NieR: Re[in]carnation

The new game of the franchise for Android and iOS
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A few days after the official debut of the mobile title, NieR Re[in]carnation is once again showing itself to the public with Square Enix, which recently launched the opening video for the series spin-off directed by the histrionic Yoko Taro.

The evocative opening trailer, which you can see in full thanks to the player you find at the top of the news, allows us to admire the rarefied landscapes that distinguish Taro's work, as well as the peculiar characterization of the enemies and characters through which he will be told the story of this spin-off from the NieRseries.

Although it is a mobile production, it seems that Square Enix and the developers of Applibot have managed to give the title a particularly suggestive atmosphere, with musical accompaniments by the composer Keiichi Okabe that do nothing but positively amplify the sensations offered by the film.


We remind you that NieR Re[in]carnation will arrive on February 18 on iOS devices (via Apple Store) and Android (via Google PLay) exclusively in Japanese territory.

Square Enix confirmed that the title will also see light in the West, but at the moment no more detailed information has been released.

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