Revita dungeon exploration roquelike developed by a single person is coming to PC via Steam

"Revita" dungeon exploration roquelike developed by a single person is coming to PC via Steam

With several interesting features, the game takes you to a procedural world where you can customize your adventure in many ways
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Developed by solo developer Benjamin “Benstar” Kiefer, Revita, the roquelike dungeon exploration action game is coming to the PC via Steam in late 2021. The game has as a basic feature, using two quick action buttons, and the customization of skills that give you hundreds of possibilities to explore the game.


Revita causes players to scale a clock tower through a series of procedurally created rooms while cleaning enemy rooms and facing bosses. The objective of the adventure is to recover your lost memories. Along the way, players can trade health for updates, which on paper looks dangerous. Players will have control over customization, but some basic skills include running, sliding on the wall and normal shooting.


There are also items to be found during your journey. A varied set of options allows you to adjust the game to your playing style - slowing down time, defining an outline color for enemies to make them easier to track, or choosing the level of aiming assistance that is best for you.

Revita already has a page on Steam and will be released in 2021.

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