Relic Hunters: Zero gets free update on Steam

Relic Hunters: Zero gets free update on Steam

Famous Brazilian roguelike gets update with features that were exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version
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The Brazilian developer Rogue Snail, together with publisher Akupara Games, released an update for their famous roguelike Relic Hunters Zero, the update comes with features which were exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, adding new weapons modified by fans of the game, alternative character skins and a new soundtrack.


The game's creator, Mark Venturelli, said the following about the update:

Relic Hunters was born with this free game - one that we promise to keep updated, free and open forever. Akupara did an amazing job re-mixing the game and bringing it to the Switch, and now all of these changes are available to all players on Steam, 100% free.

The publisher Akupara Games also made available the game's soundtrack, which you can enjoy in the video below:


Some features of the game are:

  1. Seven playable characters: Each equipped with its own unique characteristics, skill and skins, allowing for different styles of play and combat.
  2. Various explosive game modes: Classic adventure mode with 12 levels with relics and unlockable items; "Endless" challenge mode with unique mechanics and economy; "Storm" mode that progressively increases in difficulty and chaos.
  3. Co-op Multiplayer: Up to 2 players can join in local multiplayer for new battle strategies and tactics.
  4. Original progressive chip-tune soundtrack: Energetic tracks to cheer you up while defeating swarms of enemies.
  5. Overcome tough enemies and mini-bosses: Be careful of the powerful commanders who have risen to oppress you and your team.
  6. Powerful community-built weapons: Explore the Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis packed with a myriad of different weapons, some even designed by members of the community.

Relic Hunters: Zero is available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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