Open world mobile RPG Blade & Soul Revolution starts pre-registration

Open world mobile RPG Blade & Soul Revolution starts pre-registration

Based on the PC MMO, Netmarble's new mobile game presents players who sign up with exclusive pet and premium in-game currency
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Blade & Soul Revolution, the open-world RPG that is Netmarble's latest hit in South Korea, officially started pre-registration on the App Store and Google Play for players from around the world.

Players who pre-register and download the game on launch day will still receive 1,000 Black Crystals, the premium currency used in the game, plus a premium pet: Lumi, for Android users, and Sparkie for iPhone users. . The game will have five initial professions, which can be chosen by players at launch.


The history and professions of the characters of the games were detailed on the official website of the pre-registration which was updated, containing information about Raids, Dungeons, PvP and the Faction Wars.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world mobile RPG inspired by Asian folklore, with frantic action and an epic vengeance narrative based on the online PC game Blade & Soul. The title remains true to its computer roots, with incredible 3D graphics generated by Unreal Engine 4 and redesigned environments and gameplay to work seamlessly on mobile devices.

The pre-registration for Blade & Soul Revolution will be available on Google Play in 138 countries and on the App Store in 143 countries. The game will be released in 2021 as a free download and with in-app purchases in both stores.

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