IPhone owner presses court and calls Tim Sweeney's company "Miserable Saboteur"
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The ongoing legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games continues, with the former presenting an opposition to Epic's efforts to have Fortnite reinstated on iOS forces.

Earlier this month, Epic Games filed an injunction requesting that the court prevent Apple from blocking the popular Battle Royale game on its platform, and demanding that it be put back on iOS.

The company argued that it would likely succeed on the merits of its case, and that removing Fortnite from the App Store does irreparable damage to Epic Games.

Apple has already filed an opposition, asking the court to deny the injunction. The iPhone maker argues that Epic is unlikely to be successful on its merits, something Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers has so far agreed with.

For example, Apple says it does not engage in monopoly practices, pointing to how it has expanded the mobile market for developers.

"The iPhone ecosystem has generated an exponential increase in the production of mobile devices and applications, has dramatically benefited users and developers and significantly increased consumer choice," states the document.

"Simply put, the iPhone business model is decidedly pro-competitive. Consequently, Epic Games' theories of monopoly maintenance and subordination will fail on merit."

She also reiterates her argument that the situation does not constitute irreparable damage as Epic Games itself is responsible for forcing Apple to remove Fortnite from the store, violating its developer guidelines and avoiding a 30% commission on all in-app purchases. .

"Epic is a miserable saboteur, not an innocent," says the document.

"She does not need and does not have an equal right to the extraordinary relief she seeks from this Court. In fact, Epic does not even try to explain why it had to break its contracts to open this case, let alone why it had to so fundamentally violate the trust of the Apple introducing direct payments. "

"And Epic could have avoided any additional damage involving Fortnite and Unreal Engine, with a simple touch of a key, but they preferred to be offensive to our policy."

Elsewhere, the company wrote:

"Epic Games started a fire and spilled gas on it, and now asks this Court for emergency assistance to put it out, although Epic can do it in an instant simply by adhering to the contractual terms that profitably governed its relationship with Apple for years. "

Apple notes that since its launch in 2018, more than 130 Million people have downloaded Fortnite on iOS, generating more than $ 550 Million for Epic.

Apple charged $ 99 a year for a developer license, plus a 30% commission on digital purchases, as stipulated in the agreement signed by Epic. Finally, Apple commented on Epic's use of the Fortnite fan base in this legal battle.

She noted that since the company could pursue this litigation while following Apple's rules and operating the game on iOS, Epic is effectively "holding its own customers hostage to gain an advantage in a commercial dispute".

"If Epic were really concerned about suffering reputational damage from this dispute, it would not be involved in these elaborate efforts to publish it."

"Apparently, including the #FreeFortnite campaign, Epic believes that its conduct here will generate goodwill, boost its reputation and take users to Fortnite, not the other way around. This is not harmful."

Epic Games previously received a partial injunction that prevented Apple from blocking developer accounts for Unreal Engine, which would have affected any other studios using the technology for their iOS games.

She filed a lawsuit against Apple shortly after the expected removal of Fortnite. Meanwhile, Apple has filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for breach of its developer contract. The hearing for this case is scheduled for September 28, 2020.

Epic Games has also opened a similar case against Google for similar reasons. However, Google reported that it had not yet received an official complaint and asked the courts to keep it separate from the legal battle with Apple.
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