Warner Bros. Games fires 50% of its employees and can be sold again

Warner Bros. Games fires 50% of its employees and can be sold again

2020 has been a difficult year for all
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As if today were no longer hectic, now, even though we recently received the announcement from the CEO of WarnerMedia that the company had no interest in selling its games division, we are taken by surprise.

AT&T, to reshape more of its debts, laid off about 50% of Warner Bros Games, equivalent to 9,500 employees, but it was not specified whether it came from any of the studios or from Warner Bros. Games itself, which has 12,000 employees.

If it is under your management, this is a loss of more than 80% of the Division, which puts you at serious risk, and what is already making many analysts and journalists think that AT&T wants to sell Warner Bros Games even against the WarnerMedia.

So, the Warner Bros. gaming division. will be sold? Given the current situation and the debts the company has incurred over time, it seems the only plausible hypothesis is to sell them, a $ 4 Billion transaction, capable of restoring the company's stability.

The absurdity is how it all broke out a few days before the DC FanDome, where in theory the company should have presented its plans for the future, even in the area of ​​video games.

Both Microsoft, Take-Two and Activision Blizzard are interested in buying Warner Bros. Games and its development teams, since EA said it had no interest.

The hope is that between now and August 22 the situation will become clearer and the internal restructuring will not cause much damage, even if the first rumors cause great concern in the publisher's participation.

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