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Last year, the Supermassive Games team and publisher Bandai Namco embarked on an ambitious journey. A series dubbed The Dark Pictures Anthology, which would feature several minor titles, each covering a different scenario and genre of horror. They would follow the same format and structure as Until Dawn, a narrative game in which you can choose the fate of the characters. Well, it looks like at least the first episode of the series, Man of Medan, has managed to make its mark.

As reported by GamesIndustry , Bandai Namco confirmed that Man of Medan managed to sell more than 1 million copies. The difference between the digital and physical formats has not been said, but it seems a respectable number and a good start for the series. Hervé Hoerdt of Bandai Namco spoke well about the game, saying that they think it will be more successful over time as more volumes come, like the next Little Hope, the second episode of the anthology.

"It is complicated to make people understand that it is an anthology when you have only one volume," he said. “That's why we're looking forward to the second release and then being able to start discussing potential new volumes, because you need to substantiate the style of this 'anthology'. Anthology means nothing when you only have one box on your shelf or a digital game in your library. Each volume will increase the audience. "

“There is a lot of ambition for us in this series. There are some regions where we think we can please some more fans, mainly in the United States and Asia. I think there is room for growth. The quality of execution and experience, [as well as] the genre, makes us think that there is more potential. ”

Man of Medan is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It also became available on the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One this month. The next game, Little Hope, will be released on October 30 for the same platforms.
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