Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is so broken now that you cant even shoot

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is so broken now that you can't even shoot

New Patch completely destabilized the game, leaving no animals, NPCs and countless other bugs
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A recent Red Dead Online patch to alleviate some problems with the naturalistic update has completely destabilized the game according to players trying to play in Rockstar's wild west. The problems are vast, some plaguing the game from the past and some completely new.

Many are reporting a complete lack of characters and animals on their servers, making Red Dead Online a kind of ghost town (which has been a problem in the past). Horses seem to be the only friendly faces that players can count on now, and even these are completely problematic as well. Fans are sharing clips of invisible horses, horses going in and out of reality, horses that are on fire, horses that run in the same place, and huge piles of dead horses.

Some players say they can't even shoot now, depending on what you're aiming for - making it impossible to complete specific missions or roles.

Others are reporting a series of connection failures and errors. A Rockstar representative told Polygon that the developer is aware of the recent issues and raised a support page that says they are working on a fix. For now, most players seem to be shying away from the update, as you really can't do anything without NPCs, animals, horses or the ability to shoot.

Source: Polygon
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