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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun game that was released on PC and Playstation 4. The multiplayer game quickly gained worldwide success thanks to its fun physics and funny challenges. The game does not have a mobile version, but independent developers have already rushed to launch a similar game: Oopstacles.

Oopstacles or Opstacles has version for Android and iOS. The game has much simpler commands and that "silly cheerful" look that is very similar to that of Fall Guys.

The Challenges of Opstacles resemble those of Fall Guys. With obstacles that resemble evidence of challenges from TV programs, such as the '' Faustão Olympics ''.

Absence of Multiplayer
However, despite the colorful look and challenges that resembles the '' hit of the moment '', Opstacles does not have multiplayer. The mobile game looks like it was created from the ground up to be a coin collecting game.

According to the developers, there will be a multiplayer version that will be released soon. Until then, you can play with Fall Guys 3D on Android, which has multiplayer.

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