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Microsoft Flight Simulator is receiving Review Bomb for a somewhat strange reason: the game is taking too long for some players to fully download the game.

If you have never had to refund a game on Steam, you may not be aware that there are some rules in place. For most cases where you want a refund - that is, a game did not live up to your expectations or was in any other way - there are really only two rules of concern for obtaining an automatic refund: you must request a refund within two weeks of your purchase and you should have less than two hours of playing time.

The playing time requirement is what is causing the real problem here. As some players are discovering, purchasing Microsoft Flight Simulator on Steam does not deliver the game exactly as you expected.

Why is Microsoft Flight Simulator suffering from Review Bomb?
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game with more than 90 GB of download. Unless you are one of those lucky Europeans who bought the physical edition, you will have a long wait ahead.

That's where the problem lies: downloading the game on Steam is actually just a launcher. When you launch it for the first time, the launcher starts downloading dozens of game content. This, unfortunately, counts as playing time on Steam - and some people are reporting that it takes a lot longer than just two hours to download everything.

According to Eurogamer, one of its readers reported that it took three hours to download over an Internet of 500 Megas with no connection limit, that is, it exceeded the deadline to request a refund without even having started playing.

In short: many players can't even play this new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator before the review time runs out. Even the game preload installed only about 500 megs of data - less than 0.5% of the total game size on the disc.

As a point of comparison, the Microsoft Store downloads a larger part of the game before the launcher starts. With no other way out, some players resorted to a Review Bomb.

While this certainly seems worrying, some people say in the comments that Valve has accommodated similar problems in the past. It should also be noted that this two hour window is for automatic refunds - if you are outside that window, it will have to be analyzed manually and will probably take longer.

At the moment, the game has an average of Neutral ratings, with several users complaining about this problem, the game installer and also saying that there are many bugs and that they did not receive the extra content promised in the most expensive editions.

Do you think Review Bomb justifies it? Should Steam's refund policy be changed for situations like this? Let us know in the comments below!
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