Jeff Grubb says Microsoft will soon announce yet another great reason to sign the Game Pass

Jeff Grubb says Microsoft will soon announce yet another great reason to sign the Game Pass

These details will come in the next 2-3 weeks
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The Xbox Game Pass is clearly at the heart of Microsoft's strategy as it moves to the next generation of consoles, and everything from its renewed focus on games for the PC, to continued support for Xbox One, to support planned for the next one. Xbox Series X will revolve around the subscription service. With its won subscription prices and the vast and attractive library of games it offers - including releases day a for all Microsoft games - it's already an incredibly attractive package, but it looks like Microsoft will soon reveal it yet more reasons to embark on the Xbox Game Pass, if you haven't already.

On Twitter, Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat - while talking about Microsoft's recent decision to abandon the term “Xbox 20/20” for the launch of information for your next console - said Microsoft will soon talk about “one more big reason to get Game Pass ”. He says that information will arrive in the next two to three weeks. What this could be anyone's best guess, but Grubb clarified in a subsequent tweet that it is not a game in particular. Which means we should probably expect something like the recent xCloud announcement coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

As I said, it will be a kind of Xbox month. He already made the xCloud announcement, and Phil has appeared on the Samsung Galaxy. We still have to wait to see more about the Xbox Series S and another big reason to get the Game Pass in the next 2-3 weeks.

It's not a specific game or anything. For example, Cyberpunk will not reach the Game Pass at launch.

Grubb also mentioned that information about the relentless leak from the Xbox Series S will also arrive in the same period, something he also mentioned earlier. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said recently that more information about the Xbox Series X will arrive in late August, so this is definitely in line with what he said.

Meanwhile, as part of the recent leaks of the next generation Xbox, an Xbox Series X release date may also have been confirmed for early November. Read more about it here .

Source: Gamingbolt
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