GoldenEye 007 Remake by fans ended due to IP licenses

GoldenEye 007 Remake by fans ended due to IP licenses

Danjaq owns the James Bond brand, and GoldenEye's Microsoft
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The developers of GoldenEye 25, a remake of Rare's Best Seller, GoldenEye 007, were ordered to halt development.

In a statement released via Twitter, the team said it was:

"Kindly Requested" by Microsoft and MGM Studios, and by James Bond license holder Danjaq, for "Quitting your project", and this is being done by them.

GoldenEye 25 aimed to recreate the entire original PC game using Unreal Engine 4, with plans to launch around its predecessor's 25th anniversary in August 2022.

It would have been a free launch, but Microsoft and Danjaq still decided to protect their rights.

"This has always been in our heads as a possibility, but we try our best to continue," wrote the team.

"We can't play a Bond game, but we can still play a great game with all the beloved aspects of our favorite 90's action shooter."

Work on the game will now be developed again on Project Ianus. The original GoldenEye 25 Twitter account will be deleted later this week, replaced by one for the new project.

The lack of James Bond games is just one of the topics that Games Industry will discuss with experts from the world of Video Games, Movies, TV and more at the Changing Channels Conference later this week in the UK.

Meanwhile, James Bond's last appearance was as a DLC Pack in Microsoft's recent game, Forza Horizon 4, where he brings all the vehicle models used in all films to that date by the popular agent.


Microsoft was also not interested in developing new games in the franchise, despite having rights of the GoldenEye brand and James Bond of restricted use in partnership with Dajanq to use in their games.

She tried in 2008 to develop her own GoldenEye 007 remake by Rare, but decided to cancel it in order to focus on other projects. In this generation, Microsoft used James Bond only for cases like Forza Horizon 4, and previously to promote the agent's films exclusively for Xbox One.

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