Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has officially confirmed that third-party peripherals licensed for PlayStation 4 will continue to function
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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has officially confirmed that third-party peripherals licensed for PlayStation 4 will continue to work on PlayStation 5.

The statement is great news for those in the world of racing games, who feared a repetition a generation ago. When the PS4 hit the market, it didn't support all of the external devices that the PlayStation 3 did. For many, this meant that their expensive steering wheels would need to be discarded and required a significant investment to continue their activities on PS4.

As the PS5 launched in 2020, fans were concerned that this situation could arise again. Many wondered if they needed to reserve more than just the undisclosed purchase price of the console to continue playing their chosen racing games with their favorite steering wheel.

Speaking on the official PlayStation blog, Isabelle Tomatis of PlayStation VR at SIE, the peripherals licensing and marketing division, calmed those fears. Tomatis confirmed that officially licensed PS4 steering wheels, Arcade Joysticks and Flight Joysticks will continue to work on PS5, both with new PS5 games and compatible PS4 titles:

Which existing PS4 peripherals / accessories will work on the PS5?

Specialized peripherals, such as officially licensed racing wheels, arcade joysticks and flight joysticks, will work with PS5 games and compatible PS4 games.
The Platinum and Gold wireless headphones, as well as third-party headphones that connect via the USB port or audio jack, will work on the PS5 (the companion headset application is not compatible with the PS5).

The DualShock 4 wireless controller and third-party gamepad controllers officially licensed for PlayStation will work with compatible PS4 games.

Both PS Move Motion Controllers and PlayStation VR Aim Controller will work with compatible PS VR games on PS5.

This should mean that players will only need to pick up a console and a copy of Gran Turismo 7 and continue where they left off with Gran Turismo Sport - and DIRT 5 players should be able to use the same configuration on PS4 and PS5 versions of the title .

However, it will be worth checking if third-party devices will work on PS5 and under specific titles.

Update: Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster have confirmed that their officially licensed PS4 steering wheels will continue to work for PS5.

Although the DS4 controller will continue to work for PS4 games supported on PS5, it will not work with PS5 games.

You will need to keep the new DualSense controller handy if you are planning to switch between PS4 and PS5 titles.
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