Earthworm Jim 4, exclusive to Intellivision Amico, gets video with a little gameplay

Earthworm Jim 4, exclusive to Intellivision Amico, gets video with a little gameplay

What an unexpected combination
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Fans have been waiting for Earthworm Jim news for over 10 years and today we finally got our first look at the new game, Earthworm Jim 4, which seemed simply lost in limbo.

Announced in 2019 for Intellivision Amico, a new Android console that will arrive in April 2021 and will cost around € 250, Earthworm Jim 4 was entitled to its first promotional trailer (thanks Kotaku), through which you can see a sample of the style of game that creators are looking for.

In development at Interplay Entertainment, Earthworm Jim 4 is being developed by a team that includes some of the main people responsible for the originals, including creator Doug TenNapel, as a consultant.

The most curious thing about this situation is that Earthworm Jim 4 was originally scheduled for October 2020, before being postponed to April 2021, just like the console on which it will be present.

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After all these years and a month from the original release, we only have a 40-second sample for Earthworm Jim 4. Add to that the fact that we are on the way to a console that few will have the opportunity to buy and the situation becomes pretty funny.

Source: Eurogamer
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