Diablo IV | Rod Fergusson updates the game's development status

Long-awaited Blizzard ARPG Sequence
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During streaming organized by Blizzard, former chief of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, shared new information about Diablo IV and explained how work on this gigantic Action RPG is progressing.

During the question and answer session attended by the former executive who led the Gears 5 development team, Fergusson revealed that he spent eight full days in the office after joining the Blizzard Entertainment team:

"I started on a Tuesday. but then, on the Thursday of the following week, they were all at home (due to the emergence of Coronavirus)."

"In reality it was very difficult for me because people who know me know that my ideal environment is a room where I can talk and work closely with other people."

"The need to become a kind of superhero who directs and manages everything through a computer screen is something that I found very difficult."

Despite all the difficulties encountered (on a personal level) by the former executive of The Coalition, it is Fergusson himself who specifies, however, that:

"The development of Diablo IV is going very well. The fact that we see that in this period we publish the two expansions of Hearthstone and we are about to launch another one for World of Warcraft should reassure him."

"The Diablo team is also continuing to work, at first it was a challenge, but then we got organized and now the development is going smoothly."

Diablo IV is in development for Xbox One, PC (via Battle Net) and PS4.

Source: Every Eye
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