Crossfire X | Remedy wants to produce more FPS games thanks to game technologies

Crossfire X | Remedy wants to produce more FPS games thanks to game technologies

Want to use the game's FPS technology to bring other projects to life
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A few days after the unveiling of the new Control expansion called AWE, Remedy is back to talk about ongoing projects in the studio.

In fact, we know that the company is working on Crossfire X's cinematic style Single-Player campaign, but the precise details are not known in the other titles under development.

Interviewed by EDGE, Thomas Puha, head of communication for the Finnish company, revealed that among the next possible games there may also be a new FPS format shooter coming.

The game in question would be made possible mainly thanks to the experience accumulated by the development studio while working on Crossfire X that arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X and Xbox One in 2020.

Here are Puha's words:

"We spend a lot of time on first-person animations and I think they’re done well. How does the gun look? How does the shot feel? If these aspects don’t meet certain quality standards, then you can’t make one FPS. "

"We all play a lot of first-person shooter games and the way you aim and hit the target plays a big role, but it is really difficult to get those aspects of gameplay right."

"An FPS? Never say never. We spend a lot of time creating the tools that are useful for creating a first-person game. Once we have the right tools, why not take advantage of them to create something that can exploit them? "

So it looks like Remedy is interested in making a first person shooter and that game is already in development.

Did you know that among the next Remedy projects there is also an Online Multi-Player title in the Games as a Service format? He’s called Vanguard.

Crossfire X will be released in late 2020, exclusively on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

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