BLEACH: Brave Souls, famous mobile game, will be released on Steam

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So far BLEACH: Brave Souls was a mobile exclusive, only for iOS and Android, but now the famous game is coming to the PC via Steam.

Today the new characters of the manga were released, which are: Uryu, Jugram and Bazz-B.




3D graphics and simple controls provide highly fast free hack and slash gameplay. Play in single-player mode or join three other players in online co-op mode. Brave Souls has a character enhancement system that allows you to create exactly the warriors and team you want. Enter the battle and gain experience to level up the characters and improve their basic stats, go up to increase their maximum level.

Bleach Brave Souls is the famous mobile game that was launched 5 years ago, inspired by the entire universe and characters from the famous manga and anime Bleach, the game has more than 45 million downloads.

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