BioShock 4 | New Gameplay details, Scenery and Graphics have been released

BioShock 4 | New Gameplay details, Scenery and Graphics have been released

It is in development by Cloud Chamber Studios
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Announced in 2019, BioShock 4 is the newest chapter in the popular FPS franchise 'Blowing Your Mind' created by Irrational Games, then under the direction of Ken Levine.

Now, the management of Cloud Chamber has opened new jobs, and has given more information about BioShock 4 itself.

The cards that accompany these job ads provide unprecedented details about the gameplay, graphics and scenarios of this ambitious sequel to be published by 2K Games.

After confirming Ken Levine's lack of involvement in BioShock 4, the software house commissioned by Take-Two to shape this blockbuster has updated its official website to announce the expansion of its staff and invite industry talent to submit their applications. to join the company.

The professional figures sought by the company are many and vary from programmers to authors, including developers and testers.

In the letters that illustrate the work that awaits the new members of the Cloud Chamber, Unreal Engine 4 is cited as a "preferred platform" for the candidates' previous experiences, an indication that, if confirmed, may suggest the adoption of UE4 or the future Unreal Engine 5 as the graphics engine of BioShock 4.

Also on the Cloud Chamber website, we learn that the development house intends to create one:

"New and Fantastic World", a setting never seen in other episodes of the BioShock saga, where you can experience

"Fights that will be accessible and rewarding, challenges that will allow a high level of experimentation and expressiveness to the user. All immersed in a highly reactive game world".

We know that the location of BioShock 4 will not even be in Rapture, much less in Columbia, and when the game was announced last year, several teasers said: "The future is in the sky, beyond the stars".

Could BioShock 4 take place in a space city? We must wait until we have more information about the game.

BioShock 4 is in development for the Xbox Series X, PC and PS5.

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