With Microsoft Flight Simulator entering Beta, the leaks seem to be endless

And the Asobo Studio game as expected, it looks beautiful
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Microsoft had previously stated that the open beta phase of Microsoft Flight Simulator would begin on July 30.

However, it seems that the Closed Beta for Windows 10 has already started. Alpha members can now download version 1.6.13 (Closed Beta) and play.

This Closed Beta version features nine new aircraft, 22 new landing challenges and 4 new flight tutorials.

In addition, it includes three new party trips. Bush Trips is a set of activities that test your navigation skills and make you fly long distances in remote locations.

It is also important to note that the Closed Beta adds support for TrackIR. According to Asobo Studio, this must be configured out of the game in the normal method.

Track IR is available at the following locations: Menu - Hangar, In Flight - Cockpit Camera and In Flight - Chase Camera.

An important new addition is the customizable avatars in the game. You seem to be able to choose from 30 different models that are rendered in the game.

That said, as everyone should already expect several leaks to happen, dozens of images and gameplay videos are already on the network showing all the beauty of this long-awaited simulator.

The most notable leaks recently were some very long recordings; we haven't seen some gameplay considerations yet. They show 1h + of gameplay you can check below: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Slide https://i.imgur.com/dkxFNfF.png;;;https://i.imgur.com/DvqlKx4.png;;;https://i.imgur.com/fxulKpX.png;;;https://i.imgur.com/XmxgbEC.png;;;https://i.imgur.com/xSVY646.png;;;https://i.imgur.com/uRwsQiv.jpg

Here you can check out the imgur album with all the new screenshots for a quick look.

Here you can see screenshots showing some graphics settings:




The author of the captures says that his game is running with everything ultra at 40fps, his system has a GTX 1070 and an Intel Xeon E3-1230V3.

Finally, Microsoft has declared that it will continue to send invitations to this closed Beta phase until July 30th. So, check your inbox if you've already signed up for the game's Closed Beta.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on Windows 10 (Microsoft Store only) on August 18th. It will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass.

The game will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in late 2020.

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