Valorant and The Last of Us: Part II broke records in June, reveals SuperData

Riot's shooter had the best release ever of a free to play for PC
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What do Valorant, the latest FPS from Riot Games, have in common, and The Last of Us: Part II, the PlayStation 4 exclusive from Naughty Dog? They are different genres, available for different platforms, but they are both revenue champions in digital format, having completely dominated the June data, now published by SuperData.

Valorant was the biggest release ever for a free to play PC, attracting more players and generating more revenue than other games whose launch was a success, like Apex Legends. The Respawn game earned more revenue in the first month, but only because it was made available on consoles simultaneously, while Valorant is only on PC.

Regarding The Last of Us: Part II, which sold 4 million copies in 3 days, making a record for Sony, the report tells us that in the month of release, 2.8 million digital units were sold, never PlayStation had reached such a mark, the title of Naughty Dog thus surpassed the runners-up, Marvel's Spider-Man and Final Fantasy VII Remake, with 2.2 million each.

We previously reported that The Last of Us: Part II had been, unsurprisingly, the leader of digital sales on the PS Store in June, we now learn that it generated record global revenue, ahead of the usual suspects on consoles, games like FIFA 20 , Fortnite, or Grand Theft Auto 5.


Pokémon Sword & Shield was the third highest earning console game due to its expansion into Armor Island, which led to its biggest month of digital revenue since its launch in November 2019.

Destiny 2 also had a strong month, due to the start of a new season and pre-orders for the Beyond Light expansion, which will launch in November 2020. Spending on players increased by 221% over the previous month - an unobserved level since October 2019 - and the number of players increased by 45% when "millions" of lost users returned to the game.

Overall, SuperData estimated that digital games earned $ 10.46 billion in revenue in June 2020, the second highest total ever recorded after the $ 10.54 billion in April 2020.

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