Temtem receives new island and Portuguese translation

Crema today released a major update for Temtem
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Crema today released a major update for Temtem, its Pokémon-inspired PC MMORPG, available in Early Access on Steam. With the opening of the new island of Kisawa, trainers now have 23 new creatures to capture, new story missions to perform, new techniques to learn and more.

As previously announced, Crema raised the price of Temtem on Steam. In Brazil, the title was R $ 13 more expensive. Here, the game used to cost R $ 65.99 and now it starts to cost R $ 79. In North America, the game was offered for US $ 35 and can now be purchased for US $ 37.50. According to the developer, the price of the game will increase with each major update - in fact, this has been noticeable since the launch of the game in Early Access.

Temtem received not only content, but also important new features. The developer announced that the title received a new Chat, including different tabs, the ability to whisper to any player or speak to their club partners. There are also security features that allow players to block whispers from strangers, block users and more.

Another big news, as previously mentioned, players can now create and manage their own Clubs - known as Clans in other games. Clubs can have up to 50 members. Any player can create a new Club as long as they have enough pansus to pay the initial fee. At the moment, Clubs function only as a social hub to bring players together, with new mechanics like Wars being added in a future update.

The update also brought more features and improvements in the quality of life, including new sets of Emotes and the ability to reconfigure the keys as you wish in the game. The maximum level limit has also been increased from 48 to 58.

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Temtem takes place in an archipelago of six floating islands, with each having its own culture and characteristics. Those who are willing to hunt the creatures that inhabit the islands are called trainers. In the game, some of our main goals are to end Clan Belsoto, an evil organization in the title universe, and defeat the eight Dojo Leaders (something like an alternative version of the gym masters of Pokémon games).

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