Super Mario 64 | Luigi discovered after 24 years of mystery

Super Mario 64 | Luigi discovered after 24 years of mystery

After 24 years they found out that L is Real!
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Super Mario 64 modders discovered a Luigi code after 24 years and fans are very enthusiastic about the development. A massive data leak from Nintendo revealed some game prototypes, various source codes and other undiscovered information. The biggest discovery resulting from this would be Luigi's presence in Super Mario 64. The developers planned to have the plumber's brother in the final version of the game, but he had to be discarded for some reason.

Fans have been trying to understand all of these revelations and it's just a ton of information to process at once. Of course, Luigi was playable later on the Super Mario 64 DS, but today's news confirms that there were some early prototypes that saw the game, the green hat hero jumping around Peach's castle.

Another gigantic detail of the leaks includes evidence of a Pokemon PC game that used the Game Boy Advance as a controller in 2004. Comic Book Tyler Fischer talked about this in the discovery yesterday.

For now, players will have to ask themselves what it could have been about Luigi. Or maybe these rumors from a 35-year-old Mario collection are true and Super Mario Bros will end their adventure together later this year.

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