Sony's request suggests that the DLSS-type sampling technique could be used in PS5 games

A technology that can save the performance of the new generation
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A new patent from Sony suggests that a technique similar to Nvidia's DLSS could be used in PS5 games to improve game resolution using AI learning.

The patent, identified by a user Reddit, describes the technique as follows:

Information processing device to acquire a plurality of reference images obtained by image of an object that must be reproduced, acquiring a plurality of converted images obtained by increasing or decreasing each of the plurality of reference images, executing the machine learning using a plurality of images to be learned, such as teaching data, which include the plurality of converted images and generate pre-learned data that are used to generate a reproduction image that represents the appearance of the object.

DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling and is an AI-based technique that can give low-resolution visuals the impression that they are at a higher resolution. For example, DLSS 2.0 technology looks better than 4K and the Unreal Engine 5 demo used these sampling techniques to look like a higher resolution than the 1440p it was running on.

This makes a lot of sense for the PS5 and allows you to use the processing power elsewhere while still improving the look of your game. In addition, this will make the PS5 more efficient as it will be able to work smarter and use its power in better ways, rather than just being the most powerful machine.

DLSS is a technology from Nvidia, which seems to suggest that Sony and AMD collaborated to create their own version of the technique that will be able to run on PS5 hardware.

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