Rocket League will be free to play

Rocket League will be free to play

Veterans will have rewards
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Psyonix has revealed that its incredible success is ready to celebrate 5 years of life with a very important change, which will occur during this winter.

Rocket League will be available as a free game, but before that it will receive one of its biggest updates ever, in which the menus will be remodeled and the main features will receive important improvements.

Some modes, such as Tournaments and Challenges, will receive great news and all your content will go with you to this new phase of Rocket League. However, if you are a veteran, you will be entitled to that status

If you have already purchased Rocket League, you will receive Legacy status and in addition to a title that reveals the year you started playing, you will be entitled to all DLCs that were released until it became free.

Psyonix talks about more than 200 "Common" items that will be updated to "Legacy", a Boost Faded Cosmo for those who have already played the game online and also the Golden Cosmos Boost.

The team promises to reveal more soon.

Source: Eurogamer
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