Raised in Oblivion | Game set in Rio de Janeiro gets first teaser

Raised in Oblivion | Game set in Rio de Janeiro gets first teaser

Pre-sale scheduled for August and official launch for November 2020
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First Phoenix Studio released the first teaser of the game "RIO - Raised in Oblivion". The Brazilian game is a mix of battle royale and survival, and its launch is scheduled for October.

The game is entering its final testing phase in the coming months and is currently only available for PC, through the Steam platform.

In addition, last year the game won the title of best indie game in Latin America at the Brasil Game Show.


Raised In Oblivion (RIO) is an online action and survival game, set in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In a post-apocalyptic Brazil, in the region of Praça Seca.

The spread of an infectious disease causes the infected to behave unconsciously in an aggressive manner, to the point of attacking other people.

In order to suppress the contagion, the local government built retaining walls: nobody enters, nobody leaves. It is necessary to survive chaos until a cure is discovered.

Inside the walls, chaos reigns and players can kill innocent people to steal their items or for sadistic fun.

To fight them, there is "The Order", players recruited by the government, specialized in hunting assassins to maintain the thread of peace that still remains in the quarantined area.

The player will face other survivors, including traffickers and infected. The idea is to promote the connection between people through interaction.

Source: Gametimes
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