Pokémon Red & Blue are the most popular games in the franchise, according to Japanese fans

And nostalgia won!
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Japanese website Goo Ranking held a vote in June to find out which game in the franchise is most popular with Pokémon fans. And the result is nostalgic!

With a total of 1,388 votes, the classic Pokémon Red & Blue were voted the most popular titles, followed by the most recent X & Y and Diamond & Pearl.

Check out the complete ranking:

  1. Pokémon Red & Blue (159 votes)
  2. Pokémon X & Y (102 votes)
  3. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (101 votes)
  4. Pokémon Gold & Silver (91 votes)
  5. Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire (69 votes)
  6. Pokémon Black & White (44 votes)
  7. Detective Pikachu (43 votes)
  8. Pokémon Platinum (36 votes)
  9. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver (32 votes)
  10. Pokémon Yellow (31 votes)

The vote lasted a total of 14 days and took place between 7 and 21 June this year.

The latest games in the franchise are Sword & Shield, which were originally released in 2019.

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