Microsoft Unveils Animated Key Art for Halo Infinite

Microsoft Unveils Animated Key Art for Halo Infinite

Hours before the Xbox Series X conference
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Microsoft today unveiled the official art of Halo Infinite.

The main artwork, which was also animatedly launched on Twitter, provides some tips on what to expect from the game. It is possible to see a Brute in the reflection of the Master Chief helmet, who may still be carrying the much speculated hook. It is expected that the equipment will be present in the game in some way, but it is not yet known exactly how.

Halo Infinite is said to have a hook in some capacity, but it is not yet clear how much it will affect gameplay. According to expert Klobrille, the item will be available in the single player campaign as a pick-up item and in multiplayer mode as a power-up.

Halo Infinite will be released later this year on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The first gameplay of the game will come tomorrow, during the Xbox Game Showcase event.

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