Little Devil Inside will not be a PS4 and PS5 exclusive

Confirmation made on the official game website
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In the digital presentation of the titles coming to PlayStation 5, two independent productions drew the public's attention: Kena Bridge of Spirits and Little Devil Inside.

The latter, officially announced in 2019, returned in private to show up at the event, during which it was confirmed to land on the next Sony console. The suggestive trailer for Little Devil Inside has generated a lot of interest among the gaming community, who will be happy to know that the game is really destined to be released on a large number of platforms.

Confirmation of this comes directly from the game's official website, which shows the complete list of hardware that will run the game being developed by Neostream. Among the latter, in addition to the PlayStation 5 and the well-known PlayStation 4, there is also the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, for Little Devil Inside, a nature between generations and multiplatforms is confirmed, which will also publish the game on Microsoft and Nintendo consoles and on the PC, as shown by the Windows 10 logo.


Currently, independent production has no release date.

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