Launch of Ageless on PC and Switch celebrated with new video

You can try a demo on Steam
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Ageless is now available on PC and Switch, it was announced by Team17, publisher of the game developed by One More Dream Studios.

For players less familiar with the title, this is a game that mixes platforms and puzzles. This while telling the story of Kiara, the protagonist who lives "a journey of self-discovery" during the proposal now available.

Regarding the gameplay, it is important to mention that Kiara lives this adventure equipped with an arch that ages and rejuvenates the fauna and flora of the world of Ageless to guide itself through the scenarios. In more practical terms, they will have to use this cycle to solve the puzzles ahead.

Two additional points about Ageless. To celebrate the arrival on the market, a new video was published that you can see at the end of this news. In addition, if you're still curious you can download a playable demo from the title's Steam page.


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