King of Crabs, battle royale of crabs, is released for free on Steam

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Originally released on mobile devices, King of Crabs, the new battle royale game for crabs, recently received a PC version via Steam. The title of developer Robot Squid can be played for free on the Valve platform and allows players from all over the world to face each other under the water for the supremacy of the seas.

King of Crabs gives players complete freedom to explore the sands of the sea to find various breeding methods for their crab. Unlike other battle royales, the game has a map that won't shrink over time and basically works as a free-for-all for up to 100 players - similar to games like and

There are two game modes to choose from. "Friendly" and "King". The first is a PvE mode that allows players to get together and fight against various bots and other beings that help them evolve. In "King" mode, players face other players in frantic matches where they must attack everything that moves to gain XP and increase its size.


For more information, visit the game page on Steam.

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