Hi-Rez, 3rd Person shooter, now available in early access

Hi-Rez, 3rd Person shooter, now available in early access

It is available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One
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Rogue Company, the new 3rd Person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, is now available in Early Access on PC via Epic Games Store, Playstation 4, Switch and Xbox One. The title is the first Hi-Rez game to be released with cross-play and cross-save support across all platforms.

Rogue Company brings a good deal of action with a varied cast of characters with unique skills and equipment belonging to a union of mercenaries. With the Early Access launch, players who purchase one of the versions, available for $ 39.99 to $ 149.99, gain exclusive access to the game's energetic gameplay before launch later this year as a free title to play .

All Founder Packs include the following items:

  1. Early access to the Rogue Company
  2. Six main Rogues to choose from: Dima, Dallas, Ronin, Anvil, Trench and Saint
  3. Squad Unlock - 2 bonus Rogues (Phantom and Chaac)
  4. Rare costume for Ronin: Speed ​​Demon
  5. Epic Weapon Envelope: Solar Flare
  6. Superstar dance gesture
  7. Rare founder spray

The first game title developed by First Watch Games, an arm of Hi-Rez Studios that has developers and industry veterans with working experience and some of the biggest and most successful shooting games. The team is led by Scott Lussier, Lead Game Designer and former Halo world champion.

Check out the new trailer (activate the Portuguese subtitles) of the game below:


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