Grounded is the best selling game on Steam and is among the most watched games on Twitch

Grounded is the best selling game on Steam and is among the most watched games on Twitch

Making quite a success!
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Grounded by Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios, became available today and the curiosity surrounding its launch is already very noticeable in digital stores.

In the popular Steam store, the new Xbox Game Studios release ranks as the best-selling game, ahead of Destroy All Humans! from THQ Nordic, another of today's releases.

The list of the best selling games on Steam includes 3 games from Xbox Game Studios among the best sellers, but Grounded is even first, leading this list in the popular digital store.

By going through the list of most played games on Steam, you will also find Grounded among the 70 most played games, more specifically at number 67 (at the time of writing).

According to official data from Valve, there are currently more than 11,000 people playing Grounded on Steam and the peak for this launch day was 12,543 players.

Comparatively, Destroy All Humans! is 61st among the most played, with more than 12,000 people playing (at the time of writing) and registered a peak of 12,423 players simultaneously.


This experience of building bases and tools with elements of survival aroused the curiosity of the players and Grounded became one of the games with the most viewers on Twitch.

At the time of writing, more than 257,000 people are watching Grounded gameplay being shared on the video streaming service.

Only "Just Chatting" and Fortnite manage to have more viewers than Grounded, which is ahead of colossuses like Call of Duty: Warzone and Minecraft.


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