Google already working on the second version of Stadia's Hardware

Focus is on more performance and Machine Learning
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Google has been striving to make its game streaming service, Stadia, gain space between the PlayStation and Xbox giants, as well as working on any screen (TV, PC and Mobile) and thereby competing on all platforms .

And according to leaks from the StadiaCast channel, this is exactly what Google should do in the coming months. The information indicates that the developers are already working on the second generation of Stadia Hardware, focused not only on improving the power of the hardware but also increasing the use of Machine Learning on the platform.

Today Stadia already uses Machine Learning on its platform, but the new generation would enable the implementation of a machine learning technology called Quimera.

Details were given to the UK's MCV/DEVELOP magazine by Erin Hoffman-John, Stadia's head of Research and Development creation, who says the solution can be of great help to small teams, as it would be able to “create a world with the scope of World of Warcraft ”. It would be enough to train the Project Chimera system, which could still develop missions and NPCs, in addition to the space itself.

Finally, Chimera would assist small teams with debugging the games, finding bugs and problems with game balance, something that is usually done by large teams of testers. It is not yet known, however, when the news would become available.

Nice to see how Google is looking to innovate and create new experiences in the gaming industry.

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