Fantasy Strike, from the developers of Street Fighter, is now free

Fantasy Strike, from the developers of Street Fighter, is now free

Available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch
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Well, my friends, one of the coolest fighting games of this generation, Fantasy Strike, is free in all virtual stores starting today. Created by David Sirlin, who worked on Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, the sharp drop in its value is not the only novelty that has been reserved for today.

The update that the game had today brought, in addition to gratuity, two new characters to include in your ring. And no, you don't have to pay for them either. Sirus Quince and General Onimaru were added, which add new mechanics to the game. Also included was a system full of new skins for several of the existing characters and the two new ones.

Sirus is an illusionist, using this device to deceive his opponents and turn his illusions into real things for a limited time. Meanwhile, Onimaru relies on powerful sword blows that, in turn, may even reach you if you can't block them from being hit.

Starting today, Fantasy Strike will feature three packages. All players will be able to play versus online, ranked matches and watch their replays. Practice mode, machine clashes and weekly challenges will also be fully released.

However, whoever acquires the Core Pack, will have the multiplayer offline, will be able to invite friends to the fights on the network, Boss Rush mode, Survival and the Arcade, which has sequences of beautiful illustrations. Finally, the Collector Pack, in addition to adding various cosmetic items and combat effects, will have a Fantasy + signature year.

Then you wonder what they invented about Fantasy +, right? It unlocks Master Costumes, legendary skins for those who reach the maximum level with their characters, in addition to giving double the experience to players. Also included is a Replay Theather system. With it, you have an entire system for searching online combats and watching specific fights, as well as accessing acceleration resources and other tools.

But, if you bought the game before, it won't be in your hand either. They will receive a package called Founder’s Pack, which includes everything that already exists in the Core Pack and gives 60 characters in different colors to the game.


Fantasy Strike can be downloaded on PlayStation 4, Switch and PC, either on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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