Fable | Matt Booty compares the game to a new Star Wars movie

Fable | Matt Booty compares the game to a new Star Wars movie

The return of the exclusive Microsoft franchise now by Playground Games
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During an interview with Matt Booty by Guardian reporters, the head of Xbox Game Studios resumed Fable's announcement on Xbox Series X to compare the development of Microsoft's ambitious Next-Gen RPG with the creation of a new Star Wars Movie.

Talking to the Guardian editorial team, Booty explained that the authors of Playground Games are drawing inspiration from the past of this iconic role-playing series to shape a new episode capable of offering an original experience:

"With any type of franchise like this, there's always that balance between what you're going to continue, what you want to shoot and what you want to add again".

"This is a challenge similar to making a new Star Wars movie. All fans want to review, but it's up to you to decide which elements to keep and which to add, but I think the vision of Playground is very good." [/ Quote]

No less interesting are the statements made by Booty to explain the reason for choosing Playground Games as the software company responsible for bringing the new Fable to life:

[quote] "Let's see what Playground did with the Horizon series, such as attention to detail and the ability to represent these natural landscapes, they also have a real passion for Fable's IP and have a unique point of view on what it is essential to move the game forward as it progresses ".

The current development of this game already leads me to say that it will be a high quality title ".

Fable is in exclusive development for the Xbox Series X and Windows 10.

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